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About Our Company

Southwest Metal Treating Corp. has proudly served the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas for over four decades. In the process, we have amassed a wealth of thermal processing knowledge and experience for your company to tap into. We utilize the latest technologies in furnace equipment to provide efficient, high-quality, consistently repeatable processing for our customers. From material application questions and on-site hardness and microhardness testing to high-quality finished parts, Southwest Metal Treating Corp. has a track record of helping our customers meet their goals time after time. We welcome the opportunity to serve you—contact us today!

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Our Services

With our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, professional team, and unmatched expertise, we are proud to be Texas' premier choice for heat treating and related processes.

Age Hardening, annealing, atmosphere quenching and tempering, carburizing, and much more...

Shot blasting and crushed garnet blasting with blast capabilities up to 14’ x 14’ x 44’...

Hardness and microhardness testing to evaluate strength, ductility, and wear resistance...

Trucks and trailers are available for both pickup and delivery to meet customer needs...


Why Choose Us?

Specialized Focus

We are laser-focused on metal heat treatments, metal inspections, and metal cleanings.

Serving Vital Industries

Favored by aerospace, defense, and medical industries, our customers know they can expect consistent quality.

Superior Results

We deliver superior product quality and timely results for large and small-scale manufacturing needs. Our trucking services will add to the efficiency of your production schedule.